When will Madrona Refuge Building be finished?
April 1, 2014 is when our spaces will be available for occupancy.

Can I repaint or decorate my space how I like?

Can I make 2 or more adjacent spaces into 1 space?
Yes. Just knock down a wall, make a doorway, and you’re ready to go!

What utilities are included?
Heat, water, internet, and lighting are all included in your rent. However, telephone (VOIP), your unit cleaning/maintenance and other services you may need you should organize separately.

Is there a waiting area in the building?
Yes, there is a waiting area on each floor.

Can I pay with with credit card, debit card, or PayPal?

What is the Madrona neighborhood like?
It’s diverse, lively, and comfortable. There’s things for everyone to do, you can go to a park, go to a bar, have dinner with the family, and do work in a coffee shop just blocks from each other. Click the links below for fun things to do in Madrona.

Spectrum Dance Theater
Hi Spot Cafe
Cupcake Royale
Madrona Playground
Madrona Ale House
Molly Moon’s Pop-Up Window
Sally Goldmark Library (part of the Seattle Public Library system)
Madrona Community Council
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